The Fat Cells

Our bodies are filled with these balloon like things called Fat Cells. These Fat cells are filled with a fatty, liquidly substance called Fat Stores. Dr. Simeons refers to this as Abnormal Fat. This is the fat we don’t want. We see it in our big stomach, our large rear end, our mid-section, our big cheeks, etc. We actually have good fat or Structural Fat. This is vital to us. It surrounds or organs and is critical to our health. Then there is Normal Fat which we always need and which will always need to be supplied to our body. Back to the Fat Cells: Their sole purpose is to hold onto their fat stores and the only time they let any out is when they have more knocking at the door wanting in. As we go through life gaining weight we are pretty good to these cells giving them plenty of fats. However, when we decide to try to lose weight that is when they fight back. I’m sure we’ve all heard or perhaps experienced firsthand the situation when we join some of these weight loss programs and stop eating bad food and maybe even begin exercising. Then, at some point thereafter you hear the familiar “I was losing so well for the first week or two then it just stopped. I am starving myself and my energy level is so bad. I feel terrible”. The reason why the person has not been able to lose anymore after the initial losses is because the Fat Cells are doing what they are designed to do. They have realized this person is no longer giving me a supply of fats so they are going into Survival mode. They have closed the gates and will not let any fat stores out until things go back to normal and they start getting their needed supply of new fats. Without fats being released the weight loss comes to a screeching halt. Soon, you or that person gives up and the weight they initially lost usually comes right back in a hurry.

Here is where the Omni Drops comes in! (hear the trumpets?) As I previously mentioned, the only times the Fat Cells open and release Fat Stores is when they have more fats knocking at their door wanting in. So, with the Omni Drops, we take the first two days and overload the Fat Cells with high amounts of Fats. We call this our Loading Days. Quickly the Fat Cells are opening their gates wide to allow for intake of new fats and release of some of the old. Since we are bombarding these cells with so much fat it is as if the Fat Cells are on vacation. Nothing could be better if you were a Fat Cell than to have a constant stream of fats. As a result, their guard is lowered. Meanwhile we are taking the Omni Drops which are coming in the back door and taking control of the Fat Cells while the gates are wide open. Soon, we start a low calorie diet and at some point the Fat Cells catch on that there is no more fats coming in and want to go into their Survival Mode but can’t because they are now being controlled by the Omni Drops. The Drops are keeping the gates open so the Fat Stores from the Fat Cell are draining into the bloodstream in a constant 24/7 manner. The “Dropper” is now eating a small amount of food which is not enough to fuel a normal person’s day. Our body gets that additional needed fuel from these Fat Stores which are readily available now that the Drops are keeping the supply line open, if you will, this is one probable reason why most Droppers experience little to no hunger during their journey. It is definitely the reason why testimonies have shown that Droppers are losing weight so fast because our bodies are literally consuming/burning these Fat Stores that otherwise would not be available. Our bodies generally are very satisfied with the caloric intake because the Fat Stores are easily making up for the reduced amount of food we usually eat.

Warning: If one does not load properly by giving these Fat Cells ample amounts of fats, this process is stunted and the Fat Cells do not open as wide and will not drain their Fat Stores as well. Thus, the Fat Stores are not as available to burn/consume. The entire process is put into jeopardy.

The Stall-The Best Part

As we move through the initial stages of the Omni Drops Program we are getting used to these surreal weight loss numbers each day until, usually 10-14 days into our journey, we wake up and weigh ourselves and there is no weight loss, a very small weight loss or even a possible gain. The Dropper knows they have stayed true to the protocol set forth and, if not informed, presumes that the same old situation of eventual failure is rearing its ugly head once again. On the contrary, it’s as if our body knows that if you keep losing weight this fast day after day you will just be a big ole pile of flabby, excess skin once this journey is done. After all, this program is also referred to as “Pounds and Inches”. Our body has put the losses on hold temporarily, so it can catch up. It will take several days to tighten and shrink up to the newer, smaller version of itself. At the same time the Fat Cells are in panic mode. They are holding on to a lot of the body’s water weight (which is heavier than the fats it is replacing) trying to keep inflated in the hopes the Dropper is soon going to give it more fats, so it can survive. Once the body has tightened and shrunk to fit the smaller size the Fat Cells basically realize holding that water is futile and flushes it all and collapses (see THE WHOOSH). The Dropper then gets back on that losing train until the next stall. I always say it should be our mission as Droppers to get from one stall to the next. It is awesome to lose weight every day, but when the stall hits, embrace it, because that is when the magic happens!